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Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening at Orgreave Dental in SheffieldWould you like your teeth whiter and brighter, taking years off their look?

Want your teeth looking their best for your holiday, birthday or wedding?

Have your teeth whitened, and get them as white as when they first erupted! You can get your teeth whitened at Orgreave Dental Surgery in 3 different ways:

Tray Whitening / Zoom “Advance Power” / Enlighten

 Tray Whitening

Tooth Whitening at Orgreave Dental in SheffieldBy wearing a specially made gumshield overnight, most teeth will nicely whiten in a fortnight, using a moderate strength tooth bleach to try and minimise sensitivity to your teeth.

This technique was pioneered over 30 years ago in the USA and there have been many scientific studies showing it to be both safe and effective.

Your investment would be £350 for tray whitening, and two visits to the practice.

Zoom “Advance Power”

Tooth Whitening at Orgreave Dental in Sheffield‘Power’, ‘office’ and ‘laser’ bleaching (they all mean the same thing!) is an in-surgery procedure to whiten your teeth in around an hour and a half.

Using an ultra-violet light to activate the bleach, your gums and lips are carefully protected from the UV light. This is boosted by 3 nights use of special gumshields at home to complete the treatment. Zoom is manufactured by the Dutch electronics giant, Philips. More information can be found here.

Your investment would be £550 for Zoom in-office whitening, and three visits to the practice, one lasting 90 mins.

Enlighten – Click here for more information

Using the ‘deep bleaching protocol’ developed in the US by Dr Rod Kurthy, and marketed in the UK by EnlightenSmiles, your teeth can be significantly whitened, normally to shade B1.