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E-Cigarette Advice

We’ve had lots of patients move onto e-cigarettes as part of trying to quit smoking, and we get asked lots of questions about them.
E-cigarettes are still very new, so this advice may change as and when research is published on their safety and efficacy, and if any manufacturers get medicinal licenses for their products.

Futher information is available form Public Health England by clicking here.

A referral to the Stop Smoking Services is another option to consider.
The long term safety of e-cigarettes is not yet established.
E-cigarettes are significantly less harmful than tobacco cigarettes.
Early evidence indicates that e-cigarettes may be effective in helping smokers to quit, however the safety, quality and effectiveness of unlicensed medical products cannot be assured. Smokers may choose to use e-cigarettes in combination with licensed medicines.
As yet no e-cigarettes are licensed as medicines and patients should be advised to use licensed NRT products to quit or reduce tobacco consumption.
If you are unable or unwilling to use licensed NRT products, the advice is that although the safety of e-cigarettes is not yet assured, they are a lower risk option than continuing to smoke.
There is the potential for advice about e-cigarettes to change as findings from research about the safety and effectiveness of e-cigarettes is published.

We do not permit the smoking of e-cigarettes on our premises. We do not want to encourage smoking by children.